Dziwadlo, 2007, 9 min.

Weirdo (2007)


Director Ireneusz Parkos Prokopiuk
Screenplay Ireneusz Parkos Prokopiuk
Cinematography Ireneusz Parkos Prokopiuk,
Marek Wlodzimirow,
Marcin Sarnacki,
Eny Sokolska
Music Rafal Grabowski


Exotic Podlasie in its purest form. A documentary film about searching for an ape in a nearby forest. Documenting rural problems in a grotesque way. Prizewinner of the competition held by Poland’s biggest media–Internet portal and TVN television. Broadcast in KINO POLSKA, presented at international festivals and shows, Weirdo won the 1st prize at the Paris edition of Betting on Shorts.