To the Last Tree Standing

Do ostatniego drzewa, 2017, 27 min.

To the Last Tree Standing (2017)


Director Aia Ase,
Edward Porembny
Screenplay Aia Ase,
Edward Porembny
Cinematography Aia Ase
Music Bartosz Dziadosz
Producer Inka Rotkiel


Protagonist Borys Szyc


The film is an attempt at fairly presenting both sides of the conflict – people from Greenpeace and people from National Forestry. It doesn’t favor any of the sides. The directing duo, Aia Asé and Edward Porembny, explain: “The situation in the Bialowieza Forest is much more complex than usual media picture, locally in Poland and globally. We wanted to make a film about the oldest ecosystem in Europe without bending the subject politically. We gave both sides the same space to talk, to express their feelings, to share their knowledge.”