The Shadow Line

Smuga cienia, 1979, 110 min.

The Shadow Line (1979)



Polish Film Festival in Gdansk – Silver Lion for Andrzej Wajda

Silver Caravel at The International Week of Maritime Films in Cartagena (Spain)


Director Andrzej Wajda
Screenplay Boleslaw Sulik and Andrzej Wajda
(based on a novel by Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski)
Cinematography Witold Sobocinski
Music Wojciech Kilar
Art Direction Teresa Barska, Allan Starski
Producer(s) Barbara Pec-Slesicka


Joseph Conrad Marek Kondrat
Burns Graham Lines
Ransome Tom Wilkins
Capt. Elis Bernard Archad
Capt. Giles Martin WyldeckSecondName
Doctor Richard Bartlett


The movie is a splendid adaptation of Conrad’s novel. The story of a voyage with a sick crew with an incomparable sense of detail and rhythm, that which initially seemed a sea adventure, becomes an internal adventure. This masterpiece tells that being a man does not mean that one must give spectacular proof of courage or undergo dangerous experiences; it means that one can cope with unexpected situations, has patience, is able to listen to himself and feel empathy for others. It is a film about infinite peace.