The Passion

Pasja, 1995, 46 min.

Film Title (Production Year)


Director Wojciech Misiuro
Screenplay Wojciech Misiuro
Cinematography Krzysztof Niedalkowski
Music Dariusz Michalak
Art Direction Slawomir Jan Lewandowski
Producers Joanna PacanaDariusz Sobieski


Actors from the Expression Theatre


This is an adaptation of a pantomime play inspired by the theme of the Passion of Christ confronted by reality of the present day. The movie was filmed on location in a Church under reconstruction and presents the poetics of the contemporary theatrical expression of Wojciech Misiuro. The performance is characterized by motion, plasticity of the human body and pantomime.The music composed by Dariusz Michalak is an integral part of this piece.