The Life of Matthew

Zywot Mateusza, 1967, 80 min.

The life of Matthew (1967)


Polish entry at the International Cannes Film Festival:

International Film Youth Meeting Cannes –
Grand Prix of the International Adult Jury

First Distinction of the International Youth Jury,
Audience Grand Prix and Bersy-Genot Parents Jury Award,
Silver Hugo for Franciszek Pieczka at IFF in Chicago

Grand Prix “Golden Spike” at the IFF Valladolid 
Award for the best film and the Award of the Caylon Critics Society
at the IFF Colombo

Distinction for the best film at the IFF Adelaide-Auckland


Director Witold Leszczynski
Screenplay Witold Leszczynski, Wojciech Solarz,
based on the novel Fuglane by Tarjei Vesaas
Cinematography Andrzej Kostenko
Non-Original Music Arcangello Corelli


Mateusz Franciszek Pieczka
Olga Anna Milewska
Jan Wirgiliusz Gryn
Host Aleksander Fogiel
Hostess Hanna Skarzanka
Anna Malgorzata Braunek
Ewa Maria Janiec


A brother (Mateusz) and sister (Olga) live a solitary life in the beautiful Mazurian lake district, primarily because Mateusz – mystic, saint, or madman – is unable to live or work in the world. He brings home a handsome woodcutter, and he unwittingly shatters his bell-jar existence forever.