The Hour Between Night and Day

Rue de la Source, 2008, 23 min.

The Hour Between Night And Day (2008)


Director Ivo Krankowski
Screenplay Krzysztof Uminski
Cinematography Tomasz Jeziorski
Music Steve Aptel
Art Direction Ula Slawiec
Producer(s) Ivo Krankowski


Ernest Lamour Frederic Arnould
Anna Eeva Pynnonen
Patrick Francois Valleret
Tomek Michal Grosz
Marcel / Crazy Guy Christophe Branlard
Rebecca Rebecca Kitzmann


Nancy, a city in Eastern France. A winter’s night. In his radio show Ernest Lamour plays sad songs as usual, which are followed by even sadder stories from the lives of his listeners. Patrick suffers from insomnia. Anna gets involved in a bitter quarrel with her girlfriend. Tomek hitch-hikes to the town and wanders around the streets, waiting for the dawn. There’s also a bear. An enormous teddy-bear. What mysterious force will bring together these nightly characters?