The Enemy of State

Wrog ludu, 2008, 78 min.

The Enemy of State (2008)


Director Piotr Trzaskalski
Author Henri Ibsen
Cinematography Jeremiasz Prokopowicz
Music Wojciech Lemanski
Art Direction Wojciech Zogala


Character1 Krzysztof Globisz
Character2 Roman Ganzerczyk
Character3 Anna Radwan
Character4 Karolina Kominek-Skuratowicz
Character5 Ignacy Gogolewski
Character6 Szymon Bobrowski
AddMore Mariusz Benoit


A sincere man of high ideals, Dr. Stockmann returns home after an absence of many years, full of a spirit of enterprise and progressive innovation. Thomas Stockmann is a conscientious physician. He loves his native town, but he loves his fellow-men more. He considers his duty to communicate his discovery to the highest authority of the town, the Burgomaster, his brother Peter Stockmann.