Mother Earth

Matka ziemia, 2014, 30 min.

Mother Earth (2014)


Gijon International Film Festival, Spain

Best Director; Best Actor for Miroslaw Baka;
Best Art Director for Katarzyna Jedrzejczyk

Locarno International Film Festival

Special Mention by Youth Jury



Director Piotr Zlotorowicz
Screenplay Piotr Zlotorowicz
Cinematography Nicolas Villegas Hernandez
Music Stefan Gasieniec
Art Direction Katarzyna Jedrzejczyk
Producer(s) Dariusz Duzynski,
Joanna Malicka


Maciek Dariusz Przybyl
Maciek’s Father Miroslaw Baka


Story of a conflict of a father’s expectations with the power and sensitivity of his son. Maciek – the main protagonist of the film – is no longer a boy, but has not yet become a man. He wants to satisfy the ambitions of his father, and – as everyone in the family – be a butcher. But he is too sensitive to make an animal suffer. The boy directs all his warm feelings towards an old, neglected orchard – the only memory of his mother and discovers his supernatural abilities.