Magdalena Piekorz

Magdalena Piekorz


Polish Film Festival Gdynia

Golden Lions, Prize for Best Costumes, Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Audience Award
for The Welts

Euroshorts Festival

Grand Prix
Visitors (Przybysze)

Minor Documentary Forms Festival in Szczecin

Honorary jury Award
Franciscan Spontaneity (Franciszkanski spontan)

polish Documentary and Short Film Festival in Krakow

Bronze Lajkonik
The Girls from Szymanow(Dziewczyny z Szymanowa)


Director, screenwriter. Graduated from Radio and Television Department of Silesian University (1999). Currently she is a member of the faculty at that University.

She directs theatre plays (Doctor Faust, Studio Theatre, 2005; Crazy Lucia, Slowacki Theatre, 2005; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Entertainment Theatre in Chorzow, 2007) and Television Theatre spectacles (Negotiation Techniques, 2006). Directed several documentaries awarded at film festivals (including Bronze Lajkonik at Krakow Film Festival 1998 for Girls from Szymanowa (Dziewczyny z Szymanowa). Her debut feature film The Welts (Pregi) was awarded in Poland and abroad (including Grand Prix Golden Lions, Golden Claqueur and Silver Screen Audience Award at Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, 2004; Golden Duck for Year 2004 and Silver Knight at IFF Golden Knight in Chelyabinsk 2005).


2014 Close-Ups (Zblizenia)
2008 Drowsiness (Sennosc)
2004 The Welts (Pregi)
2002 Chicago (documentary series, 25 episodes)
2001 Labyrinth (Labitynt)
1999 Visitors (Przybysze)
1998 Franciscan Spontaneity (Franciszkanski spontan)
1997 The Girls from Szymanow (Dziewczyny z Szymanowa)