It´s Quite True!

To pewna wiadomość!, 2014, 13 min.

It's Quite True! (2014)


International Young Audience Film Festival “Ale Kino”:

Poznan – Award of the Polish Filmmakers Association

KinoJazda Festival of Films for Children and Young People:

Nowy Sacz – Grand Prix


Director Joanna Jasinska–Koronkiewicz
Screenplay Joanna Jasinska–Koronkiewicz
(based on the fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen)
Cinematography Joanna Jasinska–Koronkiewicz
Music Michal Makulski
Animation Joanna Jasinska–Koronkiewicz
Producer(s) Ewa Sobolewska


Narrators Jerzy Stuhr, Grzegorz Nawrocki


An auteur animated film for children (no age limits) in the “Paint me a fairy-tale…” series, produced in the painting animation technique directly under the camera.

It is a funny, but also true story of a certain rumour. This subject has always been topical, especially now, in the era of audio-visual media, tabloids and the Internet. The story is set in the suburbs of a certain Hen Town. The behaviour of the poultry and other birds is a caricature of human reactions and emotions caused by spreading rumours.