Bracia, 2015, 68 min.

Brothers (2015)


Locarno International Film Festival: Critics Week Award

DOK Leipzig: Golden Dove

Camerimage: Special Mention


Director Wojciech Staron
Screenplay Wojciech Staron
Cinematography Wojciech Staron
Music Cesar Lerner, Sergio Gurrola, Karol Lipinski
Producer(s) Malgorzata Staron, Witold Bedkowski


Alfons Kulakowski
Mieczyslaw Kulakowski


Two old Polish brothers come back to their homeland, 70 years after having been deported to Siberia. Alfons is a painter, Mieczyslaw a cartographer: despite their differences they love and support each other, and together they face the passage of time and the hardships of life. To tell their story, Wojciech Staron paid recurring visits to the two brothers and took plenty of time to become a part of their daily lives. Mixing his work with the brothers’ archive footage, he captures the passing of time in the old men’s lives and reveals the deep bound that unites them.